Pauses in life

Pausing is an essential part of clear speech, giving the speaker time to place stresses and the listener time to absorb information, the commas and periods given which help us to understand the context and meaning of expression.

Imagine you are listening to a music without any break, or imagine that you are reading a book without any commas or full stop, it will lead to distortion in the whole process, and as I stated in the first paragraph ,the importance of pause in communication process.


PAUSE in life is all about

P Pause


U Understand

S- Situation

E- Emotion


Understanding Situation.

You must seen in any sports field , the captain call all the team members to do team meeting , to discuss the current situation and based upon that they form their strategy how to play further .Similarly all organization before implementing any plan they reevaluate the plan ,so that the plan as well as the policies align to the organization goals

In life we are the captain, the strategy as well as the plan we make direct proportnate to the situation which effects our life. We sometimes focusing on chasing the things , for which we don’t deserve which are either job or partner, which are nothing just chasing a moving target and we are so much attached to them, that we cannot imagine our life without them and we never able to come out of that “zone of unknown






The Re Method

All you need to do is

Rethink – Why I am thinking about the situation?

The situation had come, and it go, but I am still thinking about the situation, it is affecting me a lot. The Situation is short measurement of pain and happiness, instead of focusing on the situation I should considered as my “learning period”.

Reevaluate – Who am I?

I know myself I am aware about the inner self which resides in me, I had crossed many obstacles in the past and I know I will overcome from this situation too.


Comeback is always greater than the setbacks, this time I will be more focused most importantly if any situation comes up in front of me, I Take a pause and say, “Bring it on”.

Understanding Emotion

It is rightly said that “Words can make you and they can destroy you”. What leads to communicate the words from our mouth, they are emotions. Our words are directly link with the emotion which link with our thoughts. What we think, we feel, and We express

Here come the EI “Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. It also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively.


The Re Method

In order to establish the connection with others, you need to establish re connection with yourself

Its start with

·        Rethink- what I am feeling?

·        Re Evaluate – Why I am feeling

·        Re check – what are the consequence of my actions?

The second and easiest alternative above 3rd one is “Keep calm”




So, take time out to Pause as often as you can during the course of a day. Right now, it may only be for a few seconds at a time, and that's okay. Make it your goal to become fully present in the moment Be in this moment as if nothing else in the Universe exists but this moment.

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