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Soft Skills

Your attitude defines your sincerity but the skills you have defines the clarity. They are the problem solvers when you stuck, they are the parameters to test yourself where and what you need to work upon, and they are your uniqueness and strength when you realise and accepted that , but the scope of excellence is not limited to just “hard skills”, now the shift is change to balance out the fair decision and they are SOFT SKILLS

Where you are working! Where you are going to work

Where are you living! Where you are going to live

The nature as well as the need of the work demands that you have to play multiple role as per the situation demands, the role is not limited to the job profile or the Job description pointers, Your role more comprises of

- Managing yourself and others around you,

- interacting with the diversified profile of people at same time,

- Listen to the group and the individual, sometimes in different time or in same time

- Balancing the multiple roles between your personal and professional life

- Maintaining the boundaries while expressing your views and disagreement

- Empathizing different people and yourself

As a result, it's extremely important to know how to work well with the people in your life. Sometimes that does not come naturally. Soft skills include some of these interpersonal skills. It's an entire range of skills that's often ignored as a critical component of any employee in the workplace.

What are soft skills ?

Soft skills are generally referred to as a combination of multi-disciplinary social, interpersonal, and positive behavioral abilities that comprehensively nurture balanced personalities. These are also known as emotional intelligence, people skills, or 21st-century skills since it defined the approach adopted by the individuals for their personal and professional affairs.

Why Soft skills are important

“You are the best person in your job but you have to best person on the floor”, Shaping and developing soft skills elevates your profile and it amplified the reach to the employers because everyone know what to do but mystery is how you do the work? Let me illustrate with you an example also with this example you also came to know how one soft skills showcases your personality traits

When you are busy, knowing how to manage your time well is extremely important. It can save you from future disasters such as missing deadlines or putting your health at risk. In a similar vein, knowing how to prioritize is an important soft skill. Understanding that not everything can get done on time is important. In that light, good time management and prioritizing is a sign of maturity. 


Practice is the first step towards the mastery in the inefficiency inside you. However, the time and the effort is well worth it since it is niecessary to succeed in the career world and in your personal life! Keep at it

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