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The Social Football

Opinions ,consultation , and advice is an additional supplement for our support. They are before , during the era of kings ,  who have state advisors ,then the era of kings get replaced by the government who have various advisors based on the different areas of functioning like defense , transportation , technology, finance. 

It is good to have opinions because it help in your holistics progression and it signifies that you are improving to be better, better educated, more knowledgeable person but does it mean that

- We allow complete surrender towards the opinions?

- Are we just becoming the remote control of the various conclusions ?

- Do the opinions become the reference point or validation in taking any step?

- Do the opinions need to be satisfied only?

When I ask this question to my clients during the session, the first instant reaction they give is "YES" and the reason is " they feel bad if i go against their opinion, they will not going to give any opinions in the future!!!" 

This is how we are supposed to do , because this is what we have been taught ,We spend years of our formative development striving to fit in, to conform to our group. As we get older we may sometimes celebrate the independent thinker, but it still takes a lot of energy to go against group opinion. From fashion fads to political trends to our ability to get along with the people we live with, our brains are set up to make sure we fit in.

The constant exposure to the opinions also altered the value and belief whether it is related to particular object or about, we accept the external communicated values truth because this is what we are supposed to do.

The result is ,We are portrayed ourselves  our own critics sometimes by ignoance sometimes by avoidance or sometimes by force

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