What are the 7 most important skills in future.

Soft skills are the foundation to success. They are the personality traits that have nothing to do with what you know but everything to do with how you present yourself and interact with others. If a company has been around for 100 years, they are very likely a customer focused organization.

#1 Self love : Loving accepting emphatising Motivating forgiving undertstanding enjoying and take care of yoursel

#2. Managment Skills : Priortising your work , Managing and validating your expressions while you are delivering something ,  keep you environment managed and tidy

#3. Critical Thinking Skills: Problem solving skills and decision making ability in a stressful environment

#4. Customer service skills: Service orientation, communication skills, time management skills.

#5. Teamwork and collaboration skills: Motivating team members, conflict resolution, coaching skills.

#6. Interpersonal Skills: Understanding and respect other's emotions, self-awareness, adaptability

#7. Communication Skills: Speaking, listening, writing/typing/typing speed and accuracy, reading comprehension

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