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Counselling is basically a 'Talking Therapy' which allows the person to talk about anything and everything freely that they cannot discuss and share with them friends, family and known.  It is a collaborative effort between the counsellors and the client. Here the client can discuss their issue, share their feelings without any hesitation as there’s no one to judge them. This is to enhance the psychological well-being of person. It's a professional relation between therapist and client to help regarding there problem.

The process of counselling has been dividing into 4 stages, they are as fallow:

Identify the need of counselling: In this the counsellor have a word with the client, listen to their concern to know if there's a need of counselling or not. Being nervous, negative self-talking, sudden fairness, not able to concentrate, feeling hopeless, not able to sleep and so on are the symptoms, that the person needs counselling therapy. Preparation of counselling: Once it gets identified that the person needs counselling, we move toward another step that is preparation of counselling session. In this, never be afraid to ask question regarding anything to your therapist. During your session, you can talk so a lot or as little as you'd like — everything's with regards to your solace. In any case, it's great to comprehend that there are no off-base inquiries in treatment, and regardless of whether the specialist doesn't have every one of the appropriate responses, they can assist with directing you to the appropriate responses.

There's no disgrace in posing inquiries about charging, planning or protection. Make a rundown of these inquiries early and get them over with toward the beginning of your meeting or solicitation time close to the finish to go over them with your specialist.

Be open and honest: It's important to be honest and speak up without any hesitation to the therapist. Here you don't have to be afraid of being judge, rather Make an effort not to worry concerning what to say or acceptable behaviour and simply salute yourself for finding a way, the way to work on your psychological well-being.

Reflect your session: Once you will become more comfortable during and after your session you will be able to see the changes in yourself. You'll be felt free, be more confident, will be able to sleep well and the most important you will be happy.

Remember that changes take time: You might have heard that "slow and steady wins the race", exact like that this therapy session might be slow but is result orienting. So, never panic about time and be patience.  Though, the length of treatment differs from one individual to another, and it can require a long time for certain individuals to get results. The significant thing is to adhere to it and continue to work with your specialist to arrive at your objectives. However, praise the little advances that all lead to the last objective. Along these lines, despite the fact that you may not feel you've taken incredible steps in your first meeting, realize that you are one bit nearer to your objective.

Make a list of topics for discussion: If you feel you might get nervous, which is bit normal as maximum people do. It's better to make a list about the things you want to discuss or talk about. In that list do mention the thing that you feel, won't let you sleep, because of which you're not able to focus on other things, things you're confused about and so on. This is one of the best tips for the people who are just starting the therapy session.

There are Different Types of counselling and counsellors, regarding different types of Problems, like.

·         teenage counselling    ·         career guidance       ·         counselling for students

·         relationship counselling    ·         love counsellor &     ·         marriage counsellor

Teenage Counselling: Teenage is an age when children go through a lot of changes, emotionally and physically. This directing focused on youngsters to assist them with figuring out them sentiments, practices and musings and involves the utilization of novel methods that draw out the expressive idea of a youngster like workmanship treatment or more conventional methodologies like talking treatment. It can help the teenagers to deal with the changes they are going through.

Career Counselling: This we all have once in our life, specially at the time when we must choose our subjects for 11-12th and once after the 12th for colleges. It's best for the students who are completely clue-less regarding their career. This is also for the parents whose kids wants to follow their passion and make that their career but their parents won't allow as they feel it's not worth it.

Counselling for Students: Student Counselling Cell expects to assist understudies with becoming mindful and arrive at their most noteworthy potential while managing uneasiness and stress. The directing cell gives a glad and agreeable climate for understudies to examine their concerns in regard to their scholarly and public activity.

Relationship Counselling: There were the lots of problems occur between you and your partner when you are in a relationship which sometimes won't get resolved just by talking. If you notice your partner has changed, you both are fighting often, lack you communication, understanding or lack of intimacy, you and your partner are lying to each other and keeping secret from each other and are not able to get over all this then you should surely consult a counsellor.  According to the American Psychological Association, relationship counselling is roughly 75% effective.

Love Counselling: Love treatment characterizes an individual's propensities seeing someone (or deficiency in that department) prior to fostering a functional procedure for headway in adoration giving. In principle, progression in cherishing, particularly in those spaces where the customer is powerless will pastor to the person's most focal necessities.

Marriage Counselling: Marriage counsellor focus on the current day and latest problems you are dealing with and because of which your marriage is suffering. Whereas relationship counsellor goes through the past issues to and get that resolved.